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APHIWE Initiative

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A World Health Organisation Consulting Member.

Pulished Dates: 03/03/2020



Uhuru Consumer Electronics is a world class electronics and technology firm specialising in the production of smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Due to the global pandemic, namely Corona Virus 19 and the call made by the South African president to “Business South Africa” to step up to the ball in assisting in eradicating the Corona Virus.

Our response to this call is with the disruptive and entrepreneurial values of Uhuru. A separate and independent arm of Uhuru had to be set up to handle all our new non-current core products. These include investments into R&D, mass scalability and deployment of all selected innovative solutions under the APHIWE Initiative. The initial products are 15 minutes Covid19 test kits, PPE stockpiles.  An initiative named after the late son of Uhuru founder and CEO, Daniel Thebe.

Key focus areas for the initiative:



•IoT and real world applications

•Deep learning and applications

•Military (peace keeping equipment) 

•Cyber security

•Aerospace and aviation


•Augmented reality (content and hardware)


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