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Consider a business that allows you to sell an offering that people are already purchasing on a daily basis. No need to convince them about the importance of the product you selling or ask them to change the lifestyle and buying habits.

Such as:

  • Smartphones

  • TV

  • Data and internet connectivity

  • Movie, TV series and children’s content

And many more as we continue to grow.

This is what Uhuru™ is offering you, an opportunity to be our business partner, with the total support of Uhuru ™ behind you.


Isaac Donaldson


For Isaac, recently discovered UHURU and its business opportunities. he recalls. “First, it forced me to grow up, to be responsible. I learned integrity, character, how to be sincere, honest to be reliable.” He embraced UHURU’s mission to help others and its commitment to lifelong learning. “Once you stop growing, you start dying,” he says, “UHURU is simply a self-development course with a compensation plan attached to it.”

The joy Isaac gets from his own personal freedom is the reason he shares the UHURU opportunity with others. “I can bless the people I care about most", he says, “UHURU has taught me how to be a servant leader, how to pour into others and not focus on myself.” 

UHURU UK, London

Simone Beckens

With a background in Medical insurance sales, Simone felt as if she was living in a dog-eat-dog world. While working tirelessly in the sales environment, a friend asked Simone to join him in looking at the UHURU Business Opportunity that was being presented in London that week.

It wasn't hard for Simone to see the possibilities that UHURU could bring. "The concept of business ownership with low cost to get started and residual income. When I saw that, I was blown away."

With dedication and great mentorship, Simone is not giving up. One rule that she teaches her team of Independent Business Champion Owners is to learn the business. "If you don't learn your business, you'll be out of business; and how you learn this business is through training.". UHURU USA, New York City

David le Croal

"All I can say is, UHURU is a global business model, which has real products and services, I have been through them, FX trading, health food sales but this without even much convincing, consumers always see the benefit. 

I wish them all the best, and thank them for their revolutionary business model. 

UHURU UK, London

Brian and Andrea


Brian and Andrea’s success with UHURU has given them the freedom to spend  time together and with their two children, while pursuing their individual dreams and passions in life.

“This business is a true global business because people everywhere all spend money on telecommunications and home goods—it doesn’t matter what region you live in or what language you speak—these are services everyone uses,” Brian says.

UHURU USA, Long Island

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